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Education Concierge

We provide personalised educational support and guidance to individuals or families for a fuss-free stay in Singapore and Australia.

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About this service

Our Education Concierge service provides personalised and comprehensive educational support and guidance to individuals or families. Having more than 10 years of extensive experience and expertise in education, counselling and career support, we can ensure your stay in Singapore and Australia is fuss-free and simple.

What we cover

School Placement
Assisting parents in finding the right school for their child, including international schools, local schools, and specialized institutions.

School Admissions Support
Guiding families through the admissions process, including application preparation, interview coaching, portfolio development, parent-teacher meetings and more

Tuition and Enrichment Classes
Recommending tuition and enrichment programs to enhance a student's academic performance and extracurricular skills.

Education Planning
Developing a long-term education plan tailored to the child's goals, interests, and strengths.

Cultural Transition Support
Helping international families adapt to the Singaporean education system and culture.

Special Needs Support
Assisting families with children who have special education needs in finding suitable schools and support services.

Visa and Immigration Assistance
Advising on visa and immigration requirements for international students.

Financial Planning
Through investment tools in Singapore, we help family cushion their expenses incurred in Singapore

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