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English Course

Accelerate your language proficiency. From foundational grammar to fluent expression, unlock the power of International English.

30 to 50 Hours

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Private classes once per week (90m)
Group lessons once per week (120m)


36 Carpenter St #02-01 Singapore 059915 or Online via Zoom.


Age 16 and up

About this course

Speak & Understand better with our English Course in Singapore.

Unlock your English potential with our comprehensive course covering speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Gain insights into diverse accents and regional variations, including those from the US and UK. Our expert instructors delve into the nuances of English phrases and introduce Singlish (Singapore slang) for a well-rounded learning experience. Students will be able to differentiate between the local way of speaking and International English. We encourage students to ask questions and speak confidently in real-life situational role-plays. Join us and master English in a supportive environment!

What you will learn

Some of the items in this course:

  • Basic Grammar and Sentence Structure

    Learn basic English grammar rules, how to construct sentences correctly, the common mistakes/grammar structures in Singlish, and how to avoid them.

  • Vocabulary and Word usage

    Learn new words, their meanings, and how to use them in sentences.

  • Pronunciation and Intonation

    Practice pronouncing words correctly and with the appropriate intonation.

  • Listening Skills

    Understand spoken English in various contexts, such as conversations, news reports, and movies.

  • Reading Skills

    Read and understand written English, including newspapers, magazines, and books.

  • Writing Skills

    Learn how to write various texts, such as emails, essays, and reports.

  • Communication Skills

    Learn how to communicate effectively in different situations, such as in the workplace, language school, social situations, and travelling.

Why choose us?

Our course is your ticket for those aiming for English language schools to integrate quickly into Singapore's culture. Led by qualified local instructors, we offer unparalleled insights into everyday language nuances and local slang. Our diverse team, including UK instructors, ensures a balanced blend of Eastern and Western language skills, fostering effective communication and confidence-building. Collectively, we’ve achieved remarkable outcomes. Experience impressive results, from enhanced TOEIC scores to successful career advancements!

Teacher's Credentials:

  • More than 5 years of experience in teaching

  • Master's Degree in the language they instruct

  • Excellent bilinguals to have seamless conversations with you

  • Expert language and language exam analysts

  • Always updated with the latest teaching techniques and exam requirements

  • Specialised in teaching overseas students

Contact Form
  • Are the courses suitable for someone who has never studied the language before?
    Our Standard Language Courses are recommended for beginners to advanced learners! Note: Business English and Business Chinese require basic understanding of the language.
  • How do you handle students with different proficiency levels?
    Students do not have to worry as we will split the class into learners with similar proficiencies.
  • What is the class size like? Are there any private classes available?
    Our group class ranges from 2-8 learners. We also have 1-to-1 sessions at request.
  • What is the procedure before starting a class?
    A level check will be done, where our experienced teachers will identify the weaknesses through in-house evaluations and devise a strategic plan for your learning needs.
  • Is there any online support available for students enrolled in courses?
    Yes. You can email or message us if you need support outside of the in-person class.
  • How do you measure a student's progress throughout the course?
    Periodically, we will give progress tests or quizzes to measure the learners' progress.
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