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Business English Course

Tailored for professionals, our curriculum focuses on practical communication skills and industry-specific language.

30 to 50 Hours

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Private classes once per week (90m)
Group lessons once per week (120m)


36 Carpenter St #02-01 Singapore 059915 or Online via Zoom


Age 16 and up
Basic English

About this course

Ignite Your Professional Journey with Business English

Elevate your professional competence through our exceptional Business English Course in Singapore for adults. Learn how to engage seamlessly in business conversations and gain a competitive edge with practical training focused on key writing skills essential for success in the business world.

Our meticulously crafted modules enhance language proficiency within a professional context, covering essential areas like effective email composition, delivering impactful presentation delivery, meeting engagement, negotiation tactics, and networking strategies. Delve deeper into business-specific terminology, grammatical precision, and cultural nuances, with specialised modules in areas such as marketing, finance, or human resources.

Experience hands-on learning through role-plays, workplace simulations, and case studies, ensuring practical application of acquired skills. Build confidence as you navigate the professional landscape, leveraging your language proficiency as a formidable asset for business success.

What you will learn

There are several comprehensive modules for Business English. The following will be some of our learning content:

  • Telephoning

    How to handle calls confidently and professionally, honing your ability to communicate seamlessly in business contexts.

  • Writing Emails

    Learn the art of crafting impactful and concise emails, ensuring your messages are clear, in the right language tone and style.

  • Exchanging Information

    Acquire the ability to share updates and progress smoothly within your professional sphere, using the right grammar vocabulary linking words and phrasal verbs.

  • Progress Updates

    Develop the skills to provide concise, factual updates. Engaging activities during which you will learn how to communicate better on progress updates.

  • Reporting

    Master the art of creating succinct, factual business reports that convey insights and conclusions effectively to drive informed decisions.

  • Describing Trends

    Unlock the ability to analyse data trends and skillfully communicate their significance, boosting your analytical communication capabilities.

  • Comparing Information

    Refine your aptitude for discerning and articulating differences and similarities between data sets, supporting informed decision-making.

  • Meeting & Listening Skills

    Acquire the strategies for orchestrating successful business meetings, and fostering productive communication and collaborative outcomes.

  • Tackling Problems

    Enhance your problem-solving skills within a professional context, mastering the ability to strategise and develop strategies to address challenges effectively.

  • Presentation skills

    Elevate your presentation skills, learning to captivate, inform, and persuade your audience with compelling and impactful business presentations.

Why choose us?

Accelerate your integration into Singapore's dynamic corporate landscape with our targeted English language course. Led by experienced instructors with corporate backgrounds, we offer unparalleled insights into business-specific language nuances and communication strategies. Our diverse team, including UK instructors, ensures a balanced blend of Eastern and Western business English skills, fostering effective communication and confidence-building in professional settings. Experience impressive results, from enhanced TOEIC scores to successful career advancements. Join us and thrive in Singapore's competitive business environment!

Teacher's Credentials:

  • More than 5 years of experience in teaching

  • Master's Degree in the language they instruct

  • Excellent bilinguals to have seamless conversations with you

  • Expert language and language exam analysts

  • Always updated with the latest teaching techniques and exam requirements

  • Specialised in teaching overseas students

Contact Form
  • Are the courses suitable for someone who has never studied the language before?
    Our Standard Language Courses are recommended for beginners to advanced learners! Note: Business English and Business Chinese require basic understanding of the language.
  • How do you handle students with different proficiency levels?
    Students do not have to worry as we will split the class into learners with similar proficiencies.
  • What is the class size like? Are there any private classes available?
    Our group class ranges from 2-8 learners. We also have 1-to-1 sessions at request.
  • What is the procedure before starting a class?
    A level check will be done, where our experienced teachers will identify the weaknesses through in-house evaluations and devise a strategic plan for your learning needs.
  • Is there any online support available for students enrolled in courses?
    Yes. You can email or message us if you need support outside of the in-person class.
  • How do you measure a student's progress throughout the course?
    Periodically, we will give progress tests or quizzes to measure the learners' progress.
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