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Business Chinese Course

Dive deep into Chinese business culture and communication strategies tailored for the global marketplace.

30 to 50 Hours

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Private classes once per week (90m)
Group lessons once per week (120m)


36 Carpenter St #02-01 Singapore 059915 or Online via Zoom


Age 16 and up
Basic Chinese

About this course

Unlock Global Opportunities with our Business Chinese Course

Our Integrated Business Chinese Course offers an immersive educational experience, providing deep insights into China's business landscape. From essential vocabulary and etiquette to broader insights into commercial practices and economic trends, our program blends theoretical knowledge with practical exercises, ensuring students develop proficiency in both academic understanding and real-world business activities. Upon completion, students will gain skills to engage in business activities within China and exhibit outstanding communication skills and professional expertise, setting a strong foundation for their career advancement.

What you will learn

There are several comprehensive modules for Business Chinese. The following will be some of our learning content:

  • Essential Business Vocabulary

    We integrate essential vocabulary from 14 leading business Chinese textbooks, combined with character-based teaching, ensuring rapid mastery and retention of key business terms.

  • Technical Terms Tailored to Your Industry

    We tailor our content to the students' specific industries. Our approach caters to diverse sectors, allowing students to apply their learning directly in their professional fields.

  • Commercial General Knowledge

    Gain a deep understanding of the Chinese business landscape, including economic trends and regional strengths and weaknesses, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence.

  • Economic Common Sense

    Arm yourself with an overview of China's economic landscape and understand the strengths and weaknesses of various provinces and cities.

  • Cultural Context for Effortless Communication

    Navigate cultural nuances effortlessly with insights into regional traits, enabling seamless communication with Chinese counterparts. We will introduce you to the traits of people from various regions, helping you communicate with Chinese people effortlessly and be well-prepared for it.

  • Latest Current Affairs

    Quickly bridge the gap with clients during your first interaction. We provide timely updates and explanations on the latest trending topics, as well as the socio-economic reasons behind these events.

  • Chinese Internet Search Skills for Efficient Information Retrieval

    In the context of China's internet environment, where Google, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are not available, we delve into the intricacies of navigating the Chinese internet environment, equipping you with effective search strategies and an understanding of public opinion trends. Find key information more efficiently and understand the differences in public opinion between China and other countries.

Why choose us?

Our seasoned Chinese instructors, possess deep-rooted cultural insights and diverse professional backgrounds, ensuring a rich learning experience.

Teacher's Credentials:

  • More than 5 years of experience in teaching

  • Master's Degree in the language they instruct

  • Excellent bilinguals to have seamless conversations with you

  • Expert language and language exam analysts

  • Always updated with the latest teaching techniques and exam requirements

  • Specialised in teaching overseas students

Contact Form
  • Are the courses suitable for someone who has never studied the language before?
    Our Standard Language Courses are recommended for beginners to advanced learners! Note: Business English and Business Chinese require basic understanding of the language.
  • How do you handle students with different proficiency levels?
    Students do not have to worry as we will split the class into learners with similar proficiencies.
  • What is the class size like? Are there any private classes available?
    Our group class ranges from 2-8 learners. We also have 1-to-1 sessions at request.
  • What is the procedure before starting a class?
    A level check will be done, where our experienced teachers will identify the weaknesses through in-house evaluations and devise a strategic plan for your learning needs.
  • Is there any online support available for students enrolled in courses?
    Yes. You can email or message us if you need support outside of the in-person class.
  • How do you measure a student's progress throughout the course?
    Periodically, we will give progress tests or quizzes to measure the learners' progress.
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